An Update from Zach Brunnert

Zach Brunnert is an Associate with Flotron & McIntosh, strategic government consultants with over 120 years of combined experience in state government. They work with the Missouri Vintner’s Association to promote legislation that is positive for the Missouri Wine Industry, and to help our representatives understand the negative impact any legislation may have on our industry. 

“Last week marked the halfway point for the 2012 legislative session. Legislators have been very busy with work in the various committees since January. One of the largest topics of interests this year has been the state budget. With over $300 million budget shortfall this fiscal year the state has been forced to make some tough choices. The House Budget Committee has already voted out the budget bills and then the week following legislative spring break, they will be brought to the House floor, for the entire body to debate.

We have been busy working on several issues this year on behalf of the Missouri Vintner’s Association. At Flotron & McIntosh, we have been engaged and working with Rep. Galen Higdon (R-29) to find a dedicated funding source for liquor control. Furthermore, working with  Rep. Don Ruzicka (R-132) to push his bill that promotes Agri-tourism. There has been some serious defense being played to keep the Wine & Grape Growers Tax Credit in statute. There were various bills filed to eliminate the tax credit along with other programs. So far none of the bills that have included the elimination of the Wine & Grape Growers Tax Credit have moved out of committee.

May 18th is the last day of this legislative session and the last day for many elected officials who are leaving office due to term limits. Next year we will face a new crop of legislators to educate on the interests of the Vintner’s Association.”

If you have any questions or responses to this brief update, please post them here and Zach will do his best to follow up and keep you informed.

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  1. More detail on the Wine and Grape growers Tax Credit. Information on it, where do I look?

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